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sepia> deadlayer

The center of interest and porportion of shapes and spaces is painted with minimal light to medium values.

deadlayer ........

Dark values applied in the deadlayer minimize detail and maximize the expression of the subject.

deadlayer> color

Flake white used allows the transparency of beginning value gradation contrasts.


With the increase of pigment mixed white was used on the toy value layers for increased color intensity.


Hard edge pattern value contrasts create interest and movement within the painting composition.

drawing <> painting

References of photograph and drawing(s) are used to continue into details painted.

Value contrasts are evaluated to create compositional unity and the aesthetic mood of the painting.


Color value intensities increased on the reflective facial space before foreground and background color values are determined in this composition.

close up


Soft edge value contrasts are developed to create youthful facial depth of space.

close up


Dark value details finalize the reflected facial detail.


As the color layers are applied to the foreground and background blue becomes the dominant color. Mirror reflective light is added, always looking at the unity of the composition.

color6 ....

The movement of background pattern creates a fantasy, an illusion of space, for the viewer to explore meaning.

soft pattern

Before the painting goes from easel to display a soft indication of clothing pattern is added to direct the reality of this precious moment represented, I see ME ;-).